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Meet Kathrine Snyder


My Story of PGAD and OCD


Confused. Disoriented. Bewildered. For many years of my life, these words characterized my everyday life. Growing up in the Midwest at the height of purity culture, I struggled with questions about relationships, sexuality, and faith. 


Each of these areas seemed like a puzzle I couldn't solve. Through the lenses of OCD and anxiety, Christianity seemed like an endless treadmill of rituals and performance. With the added complexity of the PGAD and purity culture, sexuality seemed like a terrifying mirage that I could never quite grasp or understand. 


Discovering my undiagnosed anxiety, PGAD, and OCD set me on a path of healing and peace. I’m passionate about sharing my journey of rediscovery. It's not just about the answers I found out for myself... it's about the new, healthy practices I've learned along the way.


It's about learning a new way to understand, a new way to know. A new way to see.  


My Story of Religious Anxiety

For many years, Christianity seemed like an endless treadmill of rituals and performance, service, witnessing, reading the Bible, and praying. Like a runner on a treadmill, I never made progress forward toward God. I knew that if I lost my focus for even a moment, I would fall off the treadmill. For the past several years, I've been on a journey of rediscovering God in the wreckage of anxiety, OCD, PGAD, and fear-based religion. In the process, I've made surprising new discoveries about mental illness, sexuality, God, and myself. 


In my blog articles and upcoming book, I seek to offer gentle place for processing anxiety and fear-based religion, allowing space for surprising encounters with a compassionate, ever-present God. I am passionate about reintroducing others to the God who has always been present. He's always waiting and wooing in every moment of anguish or exhilaration.

During decades of work with children from hard places, I became passionate about a trauma-informed approach to life. I believe that God is always waiting and wooing, in every heart-throbbing panic attack or vivid moment of stillness. I am being trained on the Immanuel Approach Intervention, a trauma-informed approach to finding God's presence and peace in every traumatic moment.

I am currently completing my second book. I am also a ghostwriter and editor, specializing in memoir, nonfiction, and leadership. 

My Story

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When I first discovered an online community that understood my journey with OCD,  fear-based religion, and Purity Culture, my mind was blown!

I hope you can find the same encouragement through connecting with my story. Click the links to find out more about my journey. 

I look forward to connecting with you!

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