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Appendix Links

Welcome! This page contains live links to the resources mentioned in the appendix.

Appendix A

Helpful resources for getting closer to Jesus, developing your healthy intuition, and growing neurological joy.

Immanuel Approach

For a video introduction that briefly describes the process and briefly summarizes the theory underlying the Immanuel Approach, please see “Immanuel Approach Basic Training: Introduction” on YouTube:


Browse scholarly articles and video clips here:

To find an Immanuel Approach Facilitator:



You can read the entire Immanuel Approach Book here:

Read Karl Lehman’s scientific information about implicit memories here:


Read the research journal “Spiritually Oriented Trauma Healing in Nigeria: A Program Evaluation to Assess Trauma-Symptom Reduction and Spiritual Growth,”

For Immanuel Approach participants “reaching the cut-off value for a PTSD diagnosis, the improvement was… n=21, M=12.76, t (20)=3.905, p<.001… The program had a… large effect on those who reached the cut-off for PTSD pre-workshop (n=21, d=1.001).”

Intuition and Ignatian Prayer

Check out God's Voice Within on Amazon:

For more on Obsessional Doubt, see and “Obsessional Doubt (Inference Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy / ICBT),”

Life Model Works

Life Model Works

Connexus https: //

Safe Place Prayer

Soul Shepherding

Visit Soul Shepherd here:


To learn brain skills, visit

Nineteen relational skills:

Appendix B

Dive with me into topics of anxiety, faith, sexuality, and how we can know what is real

Anxiety and Knowing

To learn more about developing an accurate sense of knowing, see:


Longing to Know:

A Little Manual For Knowing:

To learn how Inference-Based Cognitive therapy can help you sense reality, see:

Videos introducing the steps to I-CBT:

Getting Out of the OCD Bubble and Finding Reality! (see Module 7 above for a video explanation):

Ways OCD tries to trick you about reality:


How Your Vulnerable Self-Theme Skews Reality:

See also Loving to Know: Covenant Epistemology:


For excellent resources on knowing and being known, see Soul of Shame by Curt Thompson:

For excellent resources on knowing and being known, see Anatomy of the Soul by Curt Thompson

Anxiety and Sexual Arousal

What if We Make Mistakes in Knowing?

Appendix C

In this appendix, you will find helpful links about the sub-categories of OCD and other topics related to OCD and PGAD.

Backdoor Spikes

Effects of a Neurodivergent Parent

Learn more about the Support Group by emailing


Immanuel Approach:


Excellent article about the effects of an autistic parent:


Social skills:


Anxious Attachment: The Anxious Hearts Guide: Rising Above Anxious Attachment


Helpful article about having a parent with autism:

Emotional Contamination OCD

Mental Hoarding OCD

See “Mental Hoarding OCD,” OCD and Anxiety Counseling


See also Nathan Peterson, “Mental Hoarding OCD | I Have To Remember” on YouTube

Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder

 PGAD Official Instagram

PGAD Facebook Support group:

More resources:

“The International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual Health’s ISSWSH PGAD/GPD CONSENSUS PUBLISHED March 7, 2021.”

Scrupulosity OCD

The IOCDF Faith and OCD resources


For more information, see “SCRUPULOSITY: When OCD Gets Tangled in Religious and Moral Matters Livestream and AMA” by Justin Hughes on YouTube

See “OCD and Lying: What to Know,” on Psych Central

See also Nathan Peterson, “Scrupulosity: What is Religious OCD?”

Sexual Orientation OCD

“Sexual Orientation OCD | HOCD | 3 Step Treatment,”

"How to do for Treatment HOCD/SOOCD | Homosexual OCD - Sexual Orientation OCD,"

Suicide OCD

See Nathan Peterson, “Suicidal OCD--My Brain Won’t Stop Thinking of Suicide,” OCD and Anxiety, YouTube

What If I Like My OCD Thoughts?

See Nathan Peterson, “What if I LIKE My OCD Thoughts?” OCD and Anxiety, Accessed March 7, 2022,


See also Nathan Peterson, “How to Do Treatment for Scrupulosity,”


See also Patricia Thornton, Ph.D., “Questioning Whether You Have OCD When You Have OCD,”

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