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Finding a Path
through Anxiety
and Uncertainty

Kathrine's Story


Growing up in the Midwest at the height of purity culture, Kathrine struggled for decades with undiagnosed anxiety, PGAD, and OCD.


Confused and disoriented, she obsessed with questions about relationships, sexuality, and faith. Each of these areas seemed like a puzzle she couldn't solve. From sexuality to religion, life seemed like a terrifying mirage that she could never quite grasp or understand. 

She is now passionate about sharing her journey of discovery. It's not just about the answers she found out for herself... it's about the new, healthy practices she's learned along the way.


It's about learning a new way to understand, a new way to know. A new way to see.  

Kathrine would love to hear your story. Get in touch for updates about her upcoming book and blog!

About Kathrine


Kathrine Snyder graduated from Prairie Bible College in Alberta, is a full-time ghostwriter and editor. She has ghostwritten several leadership books and memoirs for clients from six countries, including an international nine-figure businessman. Kathrine is passionate about literary craft, trauma-informed care, and advocacy for PGAD and OCD. She is committed to helping people survive change and uncertainty, including the disorientation that comes from shame-filled religious ideologies and forge a personal connection with Jesus.


Is it possible to hear God's voice?  How can you tell if it's really God, or if it's the voice of religious trauma, anxiety, or OCD? 


Learn about mental health, sexuality, PGAD, OCD, and more.

Fear, anxiety, and controlling religion often lead to a narrow perspective. Let's learn a new way of knowing... a new way of seeing.

Coming Soon!

Shimmering Around the Edges: A Memoir of OCD, Reality, and Finding God in Uncertainty



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Dr Gill Harvey, Therapeutic Counsellor/Psychotherapist, Supervisor, Researcher & Trainer

“With raw honesty, Kathrine shares her struggles with the OCD monster and her journey to discovering an authentic identity, seeking to discover God in it all.  Kathrine’s honesty draws us into the privilege of witnessing her story. This book will resonate with individuals who struggle with similar challenges as well as those who seek to help them.”

Hicham El Amrani - Author, VIP Trainer and Executive Coach

“A profoundly moving journey of self-discovery. This memoir takes you on a journey of hope, perseverance, and triumph over the crippling grip of OCD. Kathrine's narrative is so vivid that you can relate to her experiences as if they were your own. I highly recommend this book to anyone struggling with mental illness. It offers a relatable and honest perspective and makes one feel seen and heard - an important step toward healing and liberation.”

Patrick Stewart, Director of Marian Acres Madonna House

“With her beautifully descriptive and lyrical style, Kathrine opens the door of her heart and mind, inviting you into her life experience, her faith, and her ongoing healing experience. This is a story of hope and courage for men and women journeying through the crippling effects of OCD, for those walking the journey with them, and for the broader population who have family members, friends and acquaintances who suffer in this way.”

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