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Ghostwriting and Editing with Authentic, Human Emotion

Artificial intelligence language models are changing the world of ghostwriting.

But nothing can compare to the creativity of a human writer.

"Pure excellence and creativity! Kathrine is a beautiful writer."

—Twice published leadership author ghostwriting client

"Kathrine is a jewel of an editor! She was polite, professional, and helpful.

Passionate about her work."


—Social justice author, editing client

"Kathrine helps you craft the narrative in a way you never considered. She is a pure talent and I cannot recommend her strongly enough."

—Mental health and travel author, developmental editing

I provide ghostwriting, line editing, and developmental editing services with sensitivity, creativity, and authentic intuition. I come to your work with compassion and care for your story or dream.

Email me and I will share (with permission) some samples I have ghostwritten and edited.

Leadership Ghostwriting and Editing

"Pure excellence and creativity! Kathrine is a beautiful writer whether it be starting from scratch, revisions, etc. She continuously updates me on the progress she is making and I have been more than satisfied with the quality of work she is able to produce."—ghostwriting client, Leadership author published with Rowman and Littlefield

Ready to Get Published

Leadership/Entrepreneur Ghostwriting

"Appreciate Kathrine’s talent, passion, and knowledge towards her projects. Grateful to have Kathrine as part of the team. Kathrine is a gifted writer, and I’m amazed she could put together all this content for my leadership book. She worked hard on organizing and collating content, audio files, and transcriptions. She drafted a book, researched copyright permissions, prepared ancillary documents for traditional publication (CV, platform, and comp titles), and provided marketing ideas. Super grateful for finding Kathrine. She has been incredible to work with. She is thoughtful, hard working, and has brought so much to the table beyond traditional performance. Highly recommend her!”--Ghostwriting and Publishing client

Several Open Books

Christian Devotional Ghostwriting

“Kathrine really is one of the best freelancers I've had the pleasure of working with... Not only is she a very skilled writer, but also over the course of a 5-6 month project she remained communicative, diligent, cooperative, and the quality of work never declined throughout the whole thing. If given the chance again I would hire Kathrine in a heartbeat and would recommend her to anybody looking to hire. Thank you Kathrine!"--ghostwriting client

Open Book

Social Justice Nonfiction Editing

"Kathrine is a jewel of an editor! She exceeded my expectations! It was a pleasure working with Kathrine; she was polite, professional, and helpful. I would hire again! If you are looking for someone to assist you with editing a book, passionate about her work, and can promptly complete all milestones, I recommend Kathrine."—publishing and editing client

Working on laptop

Memoir Editing

"I can't even begin to express how AWESOME Kathrine is as a contractor and as a writer! I needed someone who could add descriptive words to my existing manuscript. Not only did she do that, but she went above and beyond to change full paragraphs until we were both completely satisfied. I am so happy with the end result! Kathrine will be my go-to ghostwriter on all future projects!"--editing client


Blog Copywriting

"Kathrine is an extremely talented writer and it was a pleasure to work with her. I provided minimal direction and quickly constructed notes and she was able to translate that into something beautiful that supported the theme I had requested."--blog copyrighting client

Reading Glasses on Book
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