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The ordinary world of romance never made sense to Kathrine.

She’s not sure what people are talking about when they say “sparks” or “fireworks.” Certain she will fall into the worst of sins if she talks to a boy, she spends hours compulsively confessing her sins and pushing away every thought of romance.


Fun-loving, full of adventure, and artistic, this smart, sensitive girl experiences life through the distorting lens of undiagnosed obsessive-compulsive disorder—convinced her compulsive worries protect her from danger. When a series of unexpected events throw her world off balance, she struggles to make sense of her inner and outer realities.


Charming and raw, harrowing and redemptive, this book is at once a coming-of-age of an unusually perceptive child and a window into the mystery of a newly recovered faith. Beautifully immersive, this book is a hopeful companion to anyone who has felt disoriented by doubt, deconstruction, or disillusionment.

"I wanted to say what a profound effect your story had on me. It made me realize that we have a lot in common and through the liberation at the end of the story, I felt liberated too. It gave me such a sense of peace. I felt seen."

--Individual with OCD

"This book speaks truth and beauty. It was so powerful and I didn't want to put it down. It shows that there is hope to be found during the journey."


—Sarah, OCD advocate at Faith, Me, and OCD

"I was intrigued and read the entire story in one day. I was blown away by the way I could relate to the main character. It was very engaging and I was surprised at the similarities between our childhoods. Great work!"

—individual with OCD

Abstract Paint
Concrete Wall

"It's very engaging, especially in terms of the way it is written and the detail. I found it incredibly interesting though and dealt with very personal topics but ones a lot could relate to. I could certainly relate to it."

—individual with OCD

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