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Advance Praise
for Shimmering Around the Edges

“This powerful, beautifully written book is the most intimate look I have ever had into the mind of a person battling with OCD, identity, and understanding of God. For those who want to know more details about her healing journey, the appendix offers a rich collection of resources. A must-read for anyone hoping to gain a better understanding of life with OCD.”


—Sharon Ogden, LCSW, MSSW, Christian Spiritual Director, Search for Jesus Discipleship Coach, Co-founder of Immanuel Way Ministries


“A helpful and candid memoir of one woman's journey through crippling confusion to find freedom and healing in the mystery and uncertainty of an authentic journey toward truth."

—Karl Forehand, author and co-founder of The Desert Sanctuary 


“Suspenseful, captivating, and full of action, the story had me on the edge of my seat. I was so engrossed that I didn’t even notice my wife walk into the room. Intriguing and insightful, with a plot linked together like a chain, it creates a compelling read. Extraordinarily excellent.”

—Dr. Cashe’ Featherson, PhD, Minister, Author, Professor, and Psychotherapist


“Kathrine beautifully and palpably captured the experience of OCD in such an accurate, soul-level way that I felt it in my gut. I couldn't put it down. Kathrine managed to take the convoluted, confusing, and messy reality of OCD and transform it into a beautiful narrative that you can't help but live right along with her as you read.”

—Tori Beck, The Christian Advocate, Instagram


“A profoundly moving journey of self-discovery. This memoir takes you on a journey of hope, perseverance, and triumph over the crippling grip of OCD. Kathrine's narrative is so vivid that you can relate to her experiences as if they were your own. I highly recommend this book to anyone struggling with mental illness. It offers a relatable and honest perspective and makes one feel seen and heard - an important step toward healing and liberation.”

—Hicham El Amrani - Author, VIP Trainer and Executive Coach


“In this insightfully written book, Kathrine intricately weaves a captivating story of the layered connections among her experiences with mental health, sexuality, faith, and identity. The precarious balance between repressing and expressing these intersecting experiences is powerful and chaotic, heartbreaking and fulfilling. Uniquely written and compelling, this work also details her struggles with an incredibly distressing and highly misunderstood sexual health condition, bringing this mysterious condition into the light. This book will resonate with many readers.”

—Caroline F. Pukall, PhD, CPsych, Research Chair in Sexual Health, Professor, Department of Psychology, Centre for Neuroscience Studies, School of Rehabilitation Therapy, and Department of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences, & Director, Sex and Relationship Therapy Service, Psychology Clinic

“With raw honesty, Kathrine shares her struggles with the OCD monster and her journey to discovering an authentic identity, seeking to discover God in it all.  Kathrine’s honesty draws us into the privilege of witnessing her story. This book will resonate with individuals who struggle with similar challenges as well as those who seek to help them.”

— Dr Gill Harvey, Therapeutic Counsellor/Psychotherapist, Supervisor, Researcher & Trainer


“With her beautifully descriptive and lyrical style, Kathrine opens the door of her heart and mind, inviting you into her life experience, her faith, and her ongoing healing experience. This is a story of hope and courage for men and women journeying through the crippling effects of OCD, for those walking the journey with them, and for the broader population who have family members, friends and acquaintances who suffer in this way.”

—Patrick Stewart, Director of Marian Acres Madonna House


“Kathrine invites readers onto the sacred ground of her personal story in a way that few have the capacity to do. This demonstration of bravery shows the courage that comes only when you get to the other side. As you read, you will find perseverance, courage, and true grit to work it out with Jesus. Regardless of whether you share the same struggles, you will find this book relevant, and a worthy companion on your own journey of healing. Kathrine’s style will draw you in. Her heart will take you deeper. Her story will help you heal.”

—Cathy Little, Co-Director, Face to Face Ministries, Author of Shame on You No More and Deeper: A Devotional Collection

“For someone without a lived experience of OCD, it can be hard to understand what it’s like from the inside. Kathrine does a beautiful job of inviting us into her experience of being in the grip of OCD, and then sharing in her journey of finding freedom, comfort, and rest.”

—Sharon Hale, LMFT, Certified Emotionally Focused Therapist


“What a profound effect your story had on me. It made me realize that we have a lot in common. Your experience made me feel I wasn't alone! This book speaks truth and beauty. It was so powerful, I didn't want to put it down. Through the liberation at the end of the story, I felt liberated too. It gave me such a sense of peace. I felt seen.”

—Sarah, OCD advocate at Faith, Me, and OCD


“An engaging, relatable story that expertly captures the experience of living with OCD as a person of faith. I recommend this book to anyone struggling to reconcile their identity and faith while struggling with their mental health.”

—Andrew Triska, MSW, LCSW, specializing in OCD, anxiety, gender and sexuality


“This book is a courageous roller coaster ride for the reader that uncovers and examines one’s beliefs, emotions, thoughts and feelings in pursuit of identity, self-awareness and understanding.”

—Kris Clyburn, Leadership and Self-Awareness Coach and Trainer

“Through rich story and tender reflection, Kathrine shares her journey with OCD. She is real, honest, and vulnerable with the confusion and the clarity she has experienced. This book is a grace for those who struggle with OCD and a gift for those who seek to walk with those who struggle. May it cast a vision of acceptance and healing for all those who enter its pages.”

—Dr. Lacy Finn Borgo, spiritual director, teacher and author of Faith Like a Child: Embracing Our Lives as Children of God


“A masterful, highly relatable personal memoir of the trials and tribulations of life that many may experience but seldom share. An incredible storyteller that has you laughing, crying, and thankful for the tough journey through stress, anxiety, and beautiful chaos.”

—Dr. Donya Ball, EdD, author of Adjusting the Sails: Weathering the Storms


“This is the kind of book that changes the world. This book will help set people free.”

—Dr. Robert R. Perkinson, Ph.D., author of thirty-four books, including God Speaks to You


“Rarely have I come across a personal narrative that so vividly describes OCD. This impressive, intimate portrait is both visceral and intellectual, spiritual and physical. Yet this is much more than a book on OCD. Kathrine’s portrayal of her struggles around feelings, sexuality, and relationships is for anyone who has experienced pain and confusion.”

—Justin K. Hughes, MA, LPC specializing in OCD, Forthcoming Author, The Christian Guide to Overcoming Obsessions & Compulsions

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