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Finding a Path
through Anxiety
and Uncertainty

A Memoir of
Anxiety, Uncertainty, and Unexpected Faith

Smart and sensitive, Kathrine is consumed by her compulsive attempts to understand romance until she discovers that the mystery of God is all she needs in the uncertainty.

The ordinary world of romance never made sense to Kathrine. She’s not sure what people are talking about when they say “sparks” or “fireworks.” Certain she will fall into the worst of sins if she talks to a boy, she spends hours compulsively confessing her sins and pushing away every thought of romance.


Fun-loving, full of adventure, and artistic, this smart, sensitive girl experiences life through the distorting lens of undiagnosed obsessive-compulsive disorder—convinced her compulsive worries protect her from danger. When a series of unexpected events throw her world off balance, she struggles to make sense of her inner and outer realities.


Dr. Donya Ball

 Author of Adjusting the Sails

"If you yearn for an ‘I can't get enough page-turner,’ look no further.  Kathrine has created a masterful, highly relatable personal memoir of the trials and tribulations of life that many may experience but seldom share.  An incredible storyteller that has you laughing, crying, and thankful for the tough journey through stress, anxiety, and beautiful chaos."—

Karl Forehand,

author, co-founder of

The Desert Sanctuary 

“Fear-based theology and our need for certainty often lead to crippling anxiety, driving the trauma and dysfunction deeper inside us. This is a helpful and candid memoir of one woman's journey through crippling OCD and confusion to find freedom and healing in the mystery and uncertainty of an authentic journey toward truth."

Sarah, OCD advocate

at Faith, Me, and OCD

“I also wanted to say what a profound effect your story had on me. Your experience is the first I've read which most closely resembles my own and which made me feel I wasn't alone! This book speaks truth and beauty. It was so powerful, I didn't want to put it down. Through the liberation at the end of the story, I felt liberated too. It gave me such a sense of peace. I felt seen.”

About Me




Growing up in the Midwest at the height of purity culture, I struggled for decades with undiagnosed anxiety, PGAD, and OCD.


Confused and disoriented, I obsessed with questions about relationships, sexuality, and faith. Each of these areas seemed like a puzzle I couldn't solve. From sexuality to religion, life seemed like a terrifying mirage that I could never quite grasp or understand. 


I’m passionate about sharing my journey of discovery. It's not just about the answers I found out for myself... it's about the new, healthy practices I've learned along the way.


It's about learning a new way to understand, a new way to know. A new way to see.  

I'd love to hear your story. Get in touch for updates about my upcoming book and blog!


Fear, anxiety, and controlling religion often lead to a narrow perspective.


Let's open our eyes wider instead of narrowing them in fear. Let's learn a new way of knowing... a new way of seeing.

Is it possible to hear God's voice? 


How can you tell if it's really God, or if it's the voice of religious trauma, anxiety, or OCD? 


 Mental health, sexuality, religious trauma, OCD, and more. 

Look for the hand of God, who has been with you, even when you did not see him.


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