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First, I would like to thank the team of inspiring and encouraging individuals who have helped make this book a reality.

Thank you to the local and long-distance OCD therapists, life coaches, Immanuel Approach practitioners, and prayer partners who provided the emotional healing, strength, support, and wisdom that I needed as I brought this book into the world.

Thank you to the skilled editors, cover designers, marketing and branding experts, proofreaders, and other professionals who have lavished insight, sensitivity, and guidance on this manuscript.

Thank you to Sam Wan and Krista Reed for their help with the appendix.

Thank you to Reuben Kendall for giving permission to reprint a portion of his “Confession” liturgy.

Thank you to inspiring individuals like Drew Boa and Paul Pastor, whose attentive, insightful words cultivated a sense of awe and reaffirmed the depth and value of my writing.

Thank you to Elvis in Eastern Europe for allowing me to quote his insights on philosophy and reality. He even encouraged me to take some of his words and use them as my own without attribution. His total indifference to his public image reminded me that life is about art, relationships, and mystery—not just about platform and reputation.

Thank you to Pieter Valk and other participants in Revoice, whose healthy balance between boundaries and freedom helped ease my terrifying fear of romance. Pieter’s calm articulation of his principles helped clear the panic from my mind so that I could think clearly enough to set life-giving boundaries. He also introduced me to Ignatian Discernment, helping me learn how to follow my intuition under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Thank you to Justin K. Hughes for his life-changing ideas about OCD and faith and for his personal encouragement. At a juncture where I was ready to shelve my manuscript indefinitely, he encouraged me to move forward.

Thank you to my wise and encouraging life coach, TJ Wallace, whose words were a salve to my soul. He helped me discover and name my anxiety for the first time. His advice to start an anonymous Instagram account gave me the courage to start sharing pieces of my story for the first time. It was through Instagram that I discovered that I had OCD. Without him, this book would not exist. (P.S. He did eventually find me at the conference, and we had a great conversation.)

In addition, I would like to thank the deep thinkers who inspired me and contributed a deep well of insight to draw from in my writing and thinking.

Thank you to Esther Lightcap Meek, whose book, Longing to Know, helped me through my crisis of knowing. Her concepts are infused through this book, and I am deeply grateful for her words.

Thank you to Karl Lehman, Jim Wilder, and others whose Immanuel prayer principles reopened my heart to the beauty of friendship with Jesus, and to joy and healthy shalom. These ideas are transforming my life.

Finally, I would like to thank the people in my personal life that continue to form the fabric of my everyday growth.

Thank you to my sisters, brother, and sister-in-law, who are my best friends. They were faithful confidants during the writing process. They took time out of their busy schedules to provide emotional support, offer wisdom, take walks with me, and listen to me talk about the book, OCD, sexuality, and friendships. They have been gems of wisdom and encouragement over the years.

Thank you to my parents for their courageous support as they have come to grips with my story. I pray that they continue to understand how treasured they are by God and by us. I’m grateful for the memories they’ve left behind:

I’m grateful for the feel of my father’s shoulders under my legs as I perched high in the air, gazing up at the achingly blue sky and the flickering yellow cottonwood leaves. “Remember this moment forever,” he said. And I have.

I’m grateful for the warm scent of newly harvested wheat under the muddy traction wheels of the harvester as I crouched in the shuddering cabin of our uncle’s combine, my father and siblings beside me.

I’m grateful for my mom’s gentle voice singing into the warm embrace of darkness in the car as we drove home from our grandparents’ house—my little head resting against the stubbly blue cloth of the car seat cover, one star shining in the dusky black sky outside the window.

I’m grateful for the excellent and engaging home education my parents provided. My mom supported my development as a writer by discovering textbooks and resources that helped me hone my skills.

I’m thankful for my mother’s inspiring journey toward kindness, understanding, and healing. She discovered and shared The Other Half of Church, which helped us find Joy Starts Here and Immanuel Approach, resources that are transforming our lives. I’m grateful she is doing her own inner work and that our relationship is growing.

I’m grateful for my father’s prayers, love, and gentleness, and for his laughter, humor, empathy, care, and practical skills. He diligently graded our schoolwork, ceaselessly prayed for us, patiently taught us to drive, gently buried each of my childhood pets, and surrounded us with joy and patience.

Thank you to all the neighbor friends and kids whose uncomplicated love, faithfulness, and laughter have filled my life for decades. Thank you to everyone whose friendships were so steady that they did not make it into this tumultuous, drama-filled narrative arc. I never want to take those relationships for granted.

Thank you to “Melanie” for coming out of the woodwork almost a decade ago. She let me know she was sorry for rejecting me and did whatever was necessary to heal the relationship. I’m grateful for her courage.

Thank you to my new groups of friends who have walked on the journey of joy and shalom with me. I am thankful for friends who study God’s word with me, companions who hang out with me, and fellow authors who write with me. Each new friend has been an incredible blessing to me.

Finally, I want to thank Jesus, whose Immanuel Presence has given me the deepest, most abiding peace possible.

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Chapter 27

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Chapter 29

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Chapter 30

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Appendix A

Immanuel Approach

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Anxiety and Knowing

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What If We Make Mistakes In Knowing?

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Appendix C

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Just Right OCD

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Mental Hoarding OCD

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Pedophile OCD

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Peristent Genital Arousal Disorder

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Scrupulosity OCD

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Sexual Orientation OCD

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Suicide OCD

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When to Leave and When to Stay

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about the author

Kathrine Snyder, a graduate of Prairie Bible College in Alberta, is a full-time ghostwriter. She has ghostwritten several leadership books and memoirs for clients from six countries, including an international nine-figure businessman. Kathrine is passionate about literary craft, trauma-informed care, and advocacy for PGAD and OCD. She is committed to helping people survive uncertainty, disorientation, and shame-filled religious ideologies so they can forge a personal connection with Jesus.

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