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My PGAD Story

Women in freedom from suffering from PGAD
Don't Suffer in Silence (PGAD)

When it comes to PGAD, many people suffer in silence.

It's easy to find help for so many other conditions. A simple online search produces dozens of beautiful books and memoirs that explore eating disorders, OCD, suicidal thoughts, and other conditions.

But when it comes to PGAD, there are very few PGAD stories or books available.

I want to change that. My upcoming memoir will bring awareness to the stigma-filled and little-discussed condition of PGAD. It will also encourage people who suffer with OCD and the extra obsessions it brings to the world of sexuality.

But my book is not just a medical recitation about PGAD. It paints a vivid picture of the pulsing rhythm of life itself... life outside and beyond the margins of our suffering. I portray not only the pain of PGAD, but the peace of finding purpose.

I am not afraid to paint my own dark inner enemy and the ways I worked to overcome my own weaknesses and attachment wounds. I want to share my PGAD stories so that others can find support.

One beta reader stated, “This book speaks truth and beauty. It was so powerful and I didn't want to put it down. It shows that there is hope to be found during the journey. Through the liberation at the end of the story, I felt liberated too. It gave me such a sense of peace. I felt seen.”

There are many others around the world who need this message of encouragement.

Join me in spreading the word! Please share, comment, subscribe, and support me! I want to launch my PGAD stories, website and book toward hundreds of silent sufferers around the nation and world.

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