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When Religion and Anxiety Collide, Will Your Faith Survive?

Welcome to my brand-new website, where I explore topics related to OCD, Religious Anxiety, and Faith.

Stuck in cycles of religious anxiety, can your faith survive? Friends embracing one another in support of OCD, PGAD, anxiety, and controlling religions such as purity culture.
When Religion and Anxiety Collide, Will Your Faith Survive?

Perhaps, like me, you've been stuck for years in a dizzying cycle of religious anxiety. Your religious life rotates around a few specific rules, regulations, and fears. You have tunnel vision. Like me, you need to relax, open your eyes, and fight against the closed-mindedness of fear-based religion. If this sounds familiar, join me as we discover a New Way of Knowing.

Or perhaps you’re here in hopes that you can rediscover faith. Perhaps your hope in God has been shattered by religious abuse, repeated rejection, and shattered dreams. In this series, I’ll be sharing posts on finding traces of God in your past, present, and future. Learn how to find clues about God in your pain... in your curiosity... in your assumptions... and even in your anger!

If you struggle with OCD, you know that it makes everything more complicated. Letting go of certainty is difficult, but it’s not impossible. We'll explore the vast range of OCD themes, as well as helpful resources. You may also enjoy this series on a New Way of Knowing. Learn a new way of knowing that includes love, humility, patience, and even dance... instead of rigidity, fatalism, and bondage.

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