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A compelling message in today's uncertain times.

This fast-paced, novelistic memoir gives readers an intimate look

into Kathrine's struggle with OCD and other confusing conditions,

while weaving a deeper story of reality, identity, and meaning. 

A poignant true story of hope.


For those

with OCD,

a voice of hope.

“This powerful, beautifully written book is the most intimate look I have ever had into the mind of a person battling with OCD, identity, and understanding of God."

—Sharon Ogden, LCSW, MSSW, Christian Spiritual Director, Search for Jesus Discipleship Coach, Co-founder of Immanuel Way Ministries

For those in pain, a voice of healing.

“A profoundly moving journey of self-discovery. I highly recommend this book. It offers a relatable and honest perspective and makes one feel seen and heard - an important step toward healing and liberation.”

Hicham El Amrani - Author, VIP Trainer and Executive Coach

For those with PGAD, 

a voice of peace.

"A captivating memoir of the layered connections among mental health, sexuality, faith, and identity. In this insightfully written and compelling work, she details her struggles with a highly misunderstood sexual health condition. This unique book will bring this mysterious condition into the light and will resonate with many readers."

Caroline F. Pukall, PhD, CPsych, Canada Research Chair in Sexual Health (CIHR),

Professor, Department of Psychology, Centre for Neuroscience Studies, Sex and Relationship Therapy Service

For those with Uncertainty, 

a voice of courage.

“Kathrine’s portrayal of her struggles around feelings, sexuality, and relationships is for anyone who has experienced pain and confusion.”

Justin K. Hughes, MA, LPC specializing in OCD, Forthcoming Author, The Christian Guide to Overcoming Obsessions & Compulsions

"Regardless of whether you share the same struggles, you will find this book relevant, and a worthy companion on your own journey of healing. Kathrine’s style will draw you in. Her heart will take you deeper. Her story will help you heal.”

Cathy Little, Co-Director, Face to Face Ministries, Author of Shame on You No More and Deeper: A Devotional Collection