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Shimmering Around the Edges Official Trailer
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For those with OCD,  a voice of hope.

“Kathrine beautifully and palpably captured the experience of OCD in such an accurate, soul-level way that I felt it in my gut. I couldn't put it down. Kathrine managed to take the convoluted, confusing, and messy reality of OCD and transform it into a beautiful narrative that you can't help but live right along with her as you read.”

Tori Beck, The Christian Advocate, Instagram

For all who have experienced emotional pain


“Rarely have I come across a personal narrative that so

vividly describes OCD... Yet this is much more than a book on OCD...

It is for anyone who has experienced pain and confusion.”

—Justin K. Hughes, MA, LPC specializing in OCD

For anyone with emotional pain, especially if:

  • You’re caught in the spiral of OCD, and you need wisdom in the uncertainty.

  • You’re confused about PGAD, and you need clarity about how PGAD and OCD can intertwine.

  • Religious anxiety has turned you inside out, and you need a sense of hope.

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