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Does My Parent Have Autism?

Saying that life is lonely for people for children of autistic parents is an understatement. Throughout my life, I felt unseen by my neurodivergent mother. I spent many sleepless nights researching and obsessing about relational cues that other people seemed to take for granted.

Afraid I was weak and sensitive, I lost all confidence. I was sure I wasn’t okay on my own. In an unsafe and confusing world, I felt abandoned.

Since my mother tried to be loving, I felt alone and ashamed. I repressed my feelings of rejection. At one point, I even wondered if my life was worth living.

I never realized that these experiences are common. That there are other people out there who’ve gone through the same thing.

What I can tell you is there is hope for adult children of autistic parents.

As you’ll learn in my new book, you are not alone in your experiences. You can find communities that accept you and your family, and who can help you navigate your struggles. You can learn to overcome your anxious attachment, build healthy relationships, and feel seen by God.

Like me, you can gravitate toward people who see you for who you truly are. You can move toward understanding your parent’s limitations. And you can celebrate your strengths, like I celebrated my depth, beauty, art, or creativity.

As I worked with a therapist, I learned ways to repackage my traumatic memories of feeling unseen and misunderstood. I learned to be the person God created me to be: sensitive, artistic, creative, and courageous.

The gift of my new memoir, Shimmering Around the Edges, is the gift of understanding. I share my story so you know you are not alone in your anxious attachment, relationships, and struggles with faith. You can discover the God who is with you, even through compulsion, confusion, and chaos.

“A profoundly moving journey of self-discovery. Kathrine's narrative is so vivid that you can relate to her experiences as if they were your own. This book makes one feel seen and heard — an important step toward healing and liberation.”

—Hicham El Amrani - Author, VIP Trainer and Executive Coach

Besides the new, healthy practices I’ve learned along the way, you’ll find resources for:

  • finding emotional healing

  • feeling God’s presence in uncertainty

  • overcoming painful memories

If my story resonates with you or someone you know, please consider purchasing a copy of Shimmering Around the Edges. Or visit to browse blog posts, watch a video trailer, and more.

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